Welcome to the Nest Archive, where we trace the journey of textile and fibre art through Australian history.

This site is slowly coming together…

Nalda Searles, Coiled Basket (detail) indigenous plant material,thread, 1993
Nalda Searles, Coiled Basket (detail) indigenous plant material, thread, 1993


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  1. So we need all the information you can give us re your fibre arts practice . Tell us who you are, what and what with you make. Its size , medium and when. All this will serve as a resource base for us.

  2. In Kojunup, the wheat belt herein WA , there is a project running to save the phascogale, a tiny mammal almost extinct. The project supplies nesting boxes for these tiny animals.. Inside the box is a manmade nest using alpaca wool. The smell of the wool does not disturb the phascogale , two tiny babies have recently been born in a alpaca nest…..now thats a basket of a different sort but quite valid.

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